Our Plan #forWard25

Over the last several months, I have met and spoken with many of you. I have heard your concerns, and, as a resident of Ward 25, I share them.

We need neighbourhoods and communities that are safe, affordable, livable, and commutable. We need a City Councillor who will champion them and deliver.

Now more than ever, we have to hit the ground running after October 22. With my proven leadership experience and a plan of action that we as a community have put together, I am the only candidate who can keep Ward 25 progressing forward.

Safe, Walkable, Bikeable Neighbourhoods

A vision towards zero safety concerns on our streets, lanes, and sidewalks

Better, More Affordable Transit

The best way to keep our Ward moving forward

Make Life More Affordable

Keep our neighbourhoods within reach for everyone

Build Vibrant Complete Communities

Let’s finish the job and build complete communities right here downtown

A More Accessible & Accountable Government for All

Our City works for you, so let’s make it more open, transparent, and accountable

Improve Public Safety & Security

Safe and secure communities begin with a strong relationship between the police and the community

Support Small Businesses

Successful small businesses are the surest sign of a vibrant, livable community

Financial Sustainability and Fiscal Responsibility

Keep our City standing tall with solid financial footing

Connect with Chris

Mailing Address: 123 Fake St, Toronto, ON, A1B 2C3