Our New Ward

Ward 27, home to one of Toronto’s biggest and most diverse communities, is no more. In order to ensure that every vote matters, an independent group has created three new wards and redrawn existing wards. The new Ward 25 covers part of the area previously represented by my friend Kristyn Wong-Tam at City Council and by me as your elected representative at the Toronto District School Board.


Last time I voted I was in Ward 27. Which ward am I in now?

Not everyone who was in Ward 27 is in the same Ward now. Please check the map above to see if you are in the new Ward 25.

I voted for Kristyn Wong-Tam last time. Can I vote for her again?

My friend Kristyn Wong-Tam is running for re-election in the new Ward 22. Please check her website for more details!

Last time I voted I was in Ward 25. Am I in Ward 25 now?

No, the new Ward 25 is a different part of Toronto.

I voted for Jaye Robinson. Can I vote for her again?

Jaye Robinson is running for re-election in her new Ward and is not running in the new Ward 25.

I’ve never voted for Chris Moise for city councilor before. Who is he?

That’s because I’ve never run for city council before. I’ve been serving this city as Ward 14’s School Board Trustee. With your vote, I can bring my proven leadership to City Council. Click here for My Story.

Does Chris live in the new Ward 25?

Yes, I live near Ramsden Park with my two wonderful dogs Ollie and Oscar.

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